• you're invited

    On the 17th and 18th of May, Culture Shock and the Muslim Student Association are hosting the campus' first Palestine Awareness Days. We will be in front of Building 26 at the Clocktower between 10 to 2.

  • our agenda

    We want to present to the Mount Sac community how Israelis and Palestinians are divided through the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has made Palestine 'stateless.' The issue was carried over from the times of imperialism but it remains unresolved and has grown violent in the last 100 years. We want to garner attention to this crisis because it is a clear example why local citizens should care about politics, the study of different cultures, and world history. We have chosen the name of our event to be Palestine Awareness Days because Palestine is the party that is often misrepresented and not recognized. For example, when we think of Israel, the general public may recall fictional characters like Ziva David on NCIS. They may have heard of Mossad: Israel's powerful intelligence agency, or the fact that in 1952 Albert Einstein was offered the Israeli Presidency. However, the members of Culture Shock and the Muslim Student Association are saddened at what the general public associates with Palestine.

  • but let's start with a crash course

    The mere fact that most Americans may not be able to locate Palestine is sad but not necessarily incorrect. As of 2016, the status of Palestine is far more complicated than it seems. Officially neither the Central Intelligence Agency nor the United Nations recognize Palestine as a state. Several institutions refer to Palestine as the West Bank and Gaza, which are officially territories of Israel governed mostly by Israelis and only small portions are truly controlled by Palestinians.

  • the problem(s) . . .

    We have identified several issues which affect both sides of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict. We wish to present them because we often encounter the narrative which blames one side or the other. We want to clarify this is not a fictional movie where the good guys are identifiable from the bad guys. We acknowledge that there are always details we do not know, information that is hidden or kept secret or a story that is unreported and not publicized. Thus we won't take part in stigmatizing any particular group. It will not solve anything. And given that the matter is a political issue, we feel no one's hands are truly clean whether we acted upon it, tolerated it, or ignored the significance of the conflict. It is time we own up to our shortcomings as an entire species, and it starts with admitting the problems we created.

  • join our initiative

    We have lots of information to present so we are extending an open invitation for anyone to help us. Below are the opportunities we have available. Should any one job interest you, we encourage you to go to our sign up form at the top.


    practice your speaking skills

    We need speakers for the event who can vocalize the issues within the Israeli-Palestine Conflict. If you've got confidence, to talk to your peers, with a positive attitude, and understanding that people share different views, this is a great way to help.

    Outreach Coordinator

    plan for greatness

    This Spring 2016 is the first Palestine Awareness event on the campus grounds of Mount San Antonio College. We extend our invitation to individuals who have ideas that can make the event even better than planned.

    Heavy Lifter

    for a physical workout​

    We are bringing in a large wall which contains information on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The problem is the wall is rather large and presumably heavy. We need extra hands to help us load, unload, and move the wall.

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  • this project was brought to life by

    Culture Shock

    the student club aimed at preserving the organic beauty in different cultures beyond political borders.

    Muslim Student Association

    the student club aimed at presenting true Islamic values throughout the community